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Welcome to CoopMetrics

NEWS: 4/14/14 Peer Benchmarking For Better Decisions And Higher Performance  

NEWS: 10/29/13 CoopMetrics CEO participates in "Getting Results by Investing for Impact" Panel

8/9/13 Annie Donovan named new CoopMetrics CEO

CoopMetrics provides Fortune 500-quality business intelligence tools that improve the competitiveness of local businesses and their associations. Our analytic and comparative financial analysis tools help independent businesses identify and learn about their own specific strengths and vulnerabilities. We help business owners see trends within their own business operations, compare their performance with peers, and easily identify areas for improvement in their own businesses.


  Moving on Up!

“I was astounded by how well we did in the fourth quarter, even with a large national chain opening up a superstore nearby. Our margin was higher than expected and our labor/sales ratio was lower. The CoopMetrics tools have really empowered me to help our staff be the best store we can be.”

“CoopMetrics has proven to be invaluable to our company.”

“As a former systems analyst with a Fortune 100 company I was pleasantly surprised by the technical sophistication and usability of the CoopMetrics tools. They demonstrate how a cooperative approach to exchanging ideas and expertise can quickly leverage emerging technologies to get a 'leg up' in this rapidly changing industry.”

“Thanks for making it so easy to participate in CoopMetrics. It took me 10 minutes from opening my accounting system to having the files uploaded onto CoopMetrics.”


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