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Our staff comes to us from a variety of backgrounds – from banking and natural food to biochemistry and architecture. This diversity of perspectives makes us unique in our ability to relate to a wide range of users and draw on our wealth of real-world experiences to strengthen our products and our customer service.

Annie Donovan, Chief Executive Officer.  Annie has a long history in cooperative and community development. Prior to coming to CoopMetrics, she was Senior Policy Advisor to the White House,annie_sized.jpg working collaboratively with the Office of Social Innovation and the Council on Environmental Quality as was part of a team focused on advancing impact investing, social enterprise and impact data as three key strategies for improving the social sector. Annie has been Chief Operating Officer of NCB Capital Impact, where she was instrumental in creating the high performing teams and strategic plans that positioned NCB Capital Impact as a market leader in the areas of education, health care, long terms care and affordable homeownership finance. She led the company’s efforts to build capacity in fundraising, communication and innovation. Annie has also been a thought leader and a board member of some of the highest performing organizations in the community development sector. She has an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance.

Kate Sumberg, Chief Operating Officer. Kate is a graduate of Simmons Graduate School of Management. Kate has kate_sized.jpgbeen involved with natural food retail and wholesale cooperatives since 1977. She served as the chief financial officer for several co-ops, as well as an interim general manager, and has worked in almost every department during her career. She has consulted with and visited cooperatives all over the world. She is also a recent recipient of the Honored Cooperator Award and was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2008.



Brad Langhorst, Senior Technology Adviser. Brad comes to CoopMetrics with both a technical and scientificstaff_brad_sized.jpg background. While at MIT's Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research, Brad built data analysis tools to facilitate gene-disease association studies. His work on the Human Genome Project influenced the hybrid design of the CoopMetrics database. He completed his doctoral dissertation on the creation of an automated system to analyze protein association experiments, completing a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 2008. His software experience ranges from C, Perl, Ruby, and C# to SQL and MDX. He splits his time between CoopMetrics and a post as a research scientist at New England BioLabs developing a comparative database of polymerase behavior.

Brian Stanley, Director of Information Technology. Brian holds a degree in Computer Science from Oregon State brian_sized.jpgUniversity and has extensive experience in software engineering and project management. Before joining CoopMetrics, Brian spent several years working for Mentor Corporation managing the creation of custom and third-party applications, including medical practice management software, corporate intranets, clinical studies applications, sales data marts, executive dashboards, and numerous departmental work flow and reporting applications. Brian has worked closely with business owners, gathered requirements and developed database-driven web-based and client-server applications, including creating solutions using SQL Server, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and managing a Windows 2000 client-server network. Brian has built several e-commerce web applications, an insurance plan quoting engine, and accounting and reconciliation applications. Brian brings a wealth of experience and software engineering best practices to CoopMetrics.

Walden Swanson, Founder and Board Chair. Walden was the company’s first CEO and is now Chair of the Board. He has staff_walden_sized.jpgsignificant management, banking, and board experience. He has been a “turnaround manager” and negotiated mergers and acquisitions. His banking experience includes graduating in the top quartile of the American Banker’s Association Commercial Lending School and working with CEAG – an advisory firm in the Czech Republic. Walden served on the board of the National Cooperative Bank and NCB Capital Impact as well as many cooperative, non-profit, and for-profit boards. He has a BBA in the Honors Program from the University of Texas and is a Microsoft SQL Server Certified Professional. Walden has received the Cooperative Service Award, the Cooperative Innovation/Achievement Award, the Honored Cooperator Award, and was inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame in 2008.

Lynn Kanen, Project Manager Leader. Lynn comes to CoopMetrics with a rich background inLynn.jpgtechnology, accounting and affordable housing.  Before joining CoopMetrics, Lynn worked as a Senior Project Manager for AOL and the National Housing Partnership.  At NHP, Lynn also managed the Partnership Valuation Model which was a forecasting tool for valuing the Partnership's housing portfolio.  Lynn has a MS in Business and Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University as well as a BS in Finance from George Mason University.  She lives with her family in Hamilton, VA.


 Kyle Sullens, IT Systems Engineer. Kyle has over 10 years of experience as a systems engineer and software developer. He hasKylesMug.jpgworked in several different industries including financial services, advertising, and criminal justice. Kyle has a degree from Oregon State University in Business Administration and Computer Science. Most of his career has been spent building system infrastructure for client/server and web-based systems, and for mobile computing using Microsoft’s .NET platform. Kyle has experience with a broad spectrum of technologies, platforms, and methodologies. In addition to the development and engineering aspect, he has experience in systems administration related to virtualization, disaster recovery, and architecture. Kyle uses his technical expertise to collaborate with our business partners to build and enhance our products.

Brad Lynch, Software Developer. Brad has over 10 years of experience in managing IT systems and delivering business bradlynch_sized.jpgintelligence from diverse data sources. Brad has a BA from the University of Iowa, has certifications ranging from ITIL to APICS Supply Chain Professional, and is an avid student of the data warehousing thought leader, Ralph Kimball and The Kimball Group. Brad comes to us from the natural foods sector where he learned about the unique data realities of food co-ops. Though food co-ops are still close to Brad’s heart, he loves learning about and serving all of our customers and their data warehousing requests.



Kathi Givens, Programmer. Kathi is a retired Air Force officer, where she served primarily as an instructor pilot and navigator on transport and air-refueling aircraft.  During her career she was the Deputy Test Director for Software Analysis on the C-17, the Air Force's newest transport aircraft.  She provided operational test and evaluation of 103 flight control and mission computer programs. She holds a BS in Computer Science from Oregon State University, and an MBA with Information Systems emphasis from City University.  She joined the CoopMetrics team in 2010 as a part-time programmer.

Kathy Jewell, Accountant/HR Manager. Kathy has worked with cooperatives for over ten years and has over 20 years ofstaff_kathy_sized.jpg diversified accounting and finance experience including financial analysis, budgeting, cash management, and process management. She is the former controller for both AMAROK and NEMEON, purchasing cooperatives for drywall distributors and roofing products distributors, respectively. Prior to working with AMAROK and NEMEON, Kathy spent eleven years with Fujitsu Business Communication Systems in several professional roles, including cost accountant, general accountant, financial analyst and senior financial analyst. Kathy has a bachelor’s degree in business accounting from the University of Phoenix. She began working with the CoopMetrics benchmarking program in 2003 as the benchmarking program was being launched with AMAROK members.

Rosemary K. Mahoney, Adviser. Rosemary is the former CEO of CoopMetrics.  Prior to joining CoopMetrics, Rosemary worked as a consultant on internationalro.jpg cooperative development projects and cooperative business development projects in the United States. She was a founding partner of MainStreet Cooperative Group, LLC., director of New Venture Development for Cooperative Solutions, LLC., executive director of Cooperative Development Services (CDS) and Regional Director for Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.  At present, Rosemary serves on the boards of directors of the National Cooperative Business Association, National Cooperative Grocers Association, National Cooperative Grocers Association Development Cooperative, Thanexus, Inc., dotCooperative LLC, The Cooperative Foundation and NCB Capital Impact. Rosemary formerly served on the boards of directors of NCB (formerly known as the National Cooperative Bank), Cooperative Development Institute and CooperationWorks.

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