What is the Common Chart of Accounts?


Attached is the current full version of the CCOA for Natural Food, including the account numbers and the descriptions.

CCOA is the standard chart of accounts that is used by CoopMetrics. It is used for all of our reporting and would be of great value if you are planning to change your chart of accounts. 

Although many companies adjust their chart of accounts to match the CCOA so that their internal reports will be consistent with the CoopMetrics reports, companiess are NOT required to change their chart of accounts to the CCOA in order to participate in CoopMetrics' programs.

If you do adopt the CCOA as your company's chart of accounts, you will not want to use all of the accounts. Most of the accounts will apply to any company, but some of the accounts will only be useful to some companies. 

You might find the little +'s and -'s useful - see "Show or Hide Detail Data in an Outline" in the Microsoft Help File. Also, you can either use the account number system in CCOA or your own - either will work with CoopMetrics.

  If you have any suggestions that would make the CCOA better, please let us know about them.

In the Financial and Operating Account Descriptions file, you will find a detailed list of each account category and subcategory and which accounts are included in these categories.

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